How To Find Peace With God (Part 1)

Last week, I announced the release of my new e-book “How To Find Peace With God (Answers From The Book About Salvation).” I made it available by e-mail request to anyone who wishes to receive it. It will continue to be available in its entirety (in PDF format) this way by writing me at:

I would also like to make it available directly on this website. A lot of readers find “Answers From The Book” through Internet searches and, by posting the contents of the book, the material will be indexed making it accessible to those searching for information about the topics covered. Additionally, when the book has been completely “uploaded” to the site, it can be read online by those preferring not to have to download the files directly.

It is my intention, Lord willing, to post it chapter-by-chapter each Sunday (there are a total of 8 chapters plus an introduction, so it should be all there in about 2 months). Sunday is a day that I normally do not add new posts, so my plan is to continue to write new entries in our regular studies during the week as I have been. Thank you to everyone who visits here for taking the time to read what I have written. For those who have already received the book, I truly hope it blesses you. May the Lord richly bless you,


How To Find Peace With God – Introduction

“Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: (Romans 5:1)”

If you ask most people whether or not they think they are going to go to Heaven, they will answer something along the lines of “I hope so.” When it comes right down to it, it seems that very few people feel absolutely secure in their relationship with God. Doubt about how God views us as individuals is very common and many of us struggle with whether or not we have satisfied the Lord’s expectations and requirements. Sometimes we wonder if it is even really possible to know with any certainty where we will spend eternity.

The purpose of this book is to examine what the Bible has to say concerning Salvation: how to obtain it, how to maintain it, and what God specifically requires in order that a person may go to Heaven when this life is over. We will consider the steps laid out in the Word of God which lead to Salvation and how to know whether or not we have taken them. We will look at what we must do or not do after we have been saved and whether or not it is possible to lose our Salvation once we have obtained it.

In order to find peace with God, we must come to Him in the manner that He has prescribed. We have to do it God’s way, not our own. Fortunately, He has left us instructions for doing so in the Holy Bible. We are not left to guess or try to figure out how to go about this. Even more so, it is possible to know with certainty whether or not we have fulfilled these instructions and we can know for sure whether or not we will end up in Heaven. If we follow the guidelines set out in the Word of God, we have the assurance that God will save us.

I invite you to join me on this journey through the Bible as we explore the wonderful subject of God’ Salvation. Even if you do not struggle with knowing for certain whether or not you’re saved, even if you feel certain that you are bound for Heaven, I believe that you will still find this book an enjoyable and, hopefully, enlightening read. For those who love the Lord, what greater subject can we choose to think on than the wonderful Salvation that He has provided? My hope and prayer is that everyone who reads this book will know beyond a doubt that they are saved. Then if you are ever asked whether or not you are certain that you are going to Heaven, you can boldly say: “Yes. And you can be, too. Here’s how…”


12 thoughts on “How To Find Peace With God (Part 1)”

  1. Oh Loren, what a great idea to post it here, chapter by chapter each Sunday! yay! In this introduction, I remember my mom telling me about someone coming to her door and asking her if she knew for sure she would go to heaven when she died. You pegged her answer exactly . . .I hope so.
    Praying with you for God’s desire and plan for this e-book!
    God bless you for listening to Him and writing what He asks you to!


    1. “Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine. Oh, what a foretaste of glory Divine!”

      What a difference it can make in the way we live and in our walk with the Lord when we are certain of our eternal destiny.

      Thank you so much, Deb, for keeping this ministry, this e-book, and me in your prayers 🙂 I am so excited about what the Lord is doing; what a glorious time in which we live!


  2. Thank you, Loren 🙂
    This is a wonderful idea! I haven’t had a chance to read my copy yet, but I will sneak in here and read from time to time. ( For all intents and purpose, I am invisible 🙂 )
    Have a super day!


    1. Thanks so much, Ann, for the words of encouragement 🙂

      Have a great week and I hope that you are getting caught up on all the things that need to be done. I remember reading a post not too long ago about making sure we find time to rest in the Lord (hmmm….I wonder where I read that??); sure hope you are able to find some time to just rest in Him 🙂

      Thank you for everything you do, Ann, God bless you!



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