Where Can We Turn For Answers?

In a world where there are countless ideas and opinions, is it possible to know what the Truth is? Is it possible to find real answers to life’s toughest questions?

This website is about where to turn to find answers. We can find answers in the Bible- the Word of God. Our Creator did not intend for us to go through life without direction. He left His instructions, commandments, promises, and words of comfort within the Scriptures that we might know how to live our lives. In a world where there are countless ideas and opinions, it is possible to know the only ideas and opinions that truly matter and will endure for eternity.

The Bible is a very extraordinary book. In fact, it is not a single book, but rather a collection of 66 individual books. Each of these individual books contains its own theme and tells its own part of the Story, but they all fit together to reveal one central theme and one consistent Message. The Bible was penned by more than 40 different writers over a span of over 1,500 years, yet it points throughout to the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. It stands alone in authority, accuracy, and inspiration and is the only book we can look to in order to know the thoughts of God.

I welcome you to this website and pray that you will find your answers from the Book.

To God goes all glory. In service to Him,



32 thoughts on “About/Contact”

  1. Loren…just came across your site. Love your blog title. The Word of God is truly our roadmap. It leads us to Him. And He leads us to Life. May God’s ‘will be done’ with you and yours.



  2. I see this is a relativly new site, and that all of the posts seem to be from Genesis. Are you working through the book systematically? I’m working on a systematic study, beginning in Genesis, and have really just gotten started. You have already discovered The Master’s Table; my Bible study is at http://biblesurvey.wordpress.com. I believe we share a passion for seeking the truth in God’s Word. Hopefully there are many others that do as well.


    1. Yes, I just began this site at the beginning of July. My intention is to go through the Bible systematically (alternating books between OT and NT, Lord willing).

      I just read your post on Genesis 1 on http://biblesurvey.wordpress.com. I see that you mentioned some of the same observations in your study that I have written on this website. It is always such a powerful testimony to God’s unity in the Spirit when I see that He is impressing upon the hearts of others to teach the same things that He is impressing upon my own heart. We truly serve an awesome God!

      I will continue to check out your websites and will put a link to them on my own. May the Lord continue to richly bless you in your service to Him.

      In Christ,



  3. Hi Loren, I learnt from information I found at this site. I just need to know who you are and what is your background and qualification in case I need to quote from you. Hope you don’t mind my question as you know, in the world today, people care about credible sources. Thanks for your understanding.


    1. Thanks for reading this website and taking the time to share your comments. I am glad that you have found these posts useful and I pray that they are a blessing to you.

      I have intentionally omitted a lot of details about myself and my credentials for two reasons: 1.) This website isn’t about me at all; it’s about the Lord Jesus and, 2.) It is my hope that what I write will stand or fall on its own merits. It will either ring true with each reader, or it will not; regardless of who I am and what formal training I have undergone.

      Nevertheless, I do realize that many people feel more comfortable knowing a little bit about the spiritual background from which a person is coming when they read their writings. I come from a non-denominational, Protestant background and would define myself as Scripturally conservative, and theologically a fundamentalist. I intend to write and publish a “Statement of beliefs” page on this website at some point in the future which I hope will give a complete, comprehensive summation of the beliefs that I adhere to and, more importantly, why based on what the Bible teaches. In the meantime, an article titled “What Must We Believe? – 10 Components of the Gospel Message” which I wrote on this site may be helpful in identifying what I consider some of the most intrinsic doctrines of the Faith (click here for the article).

      As far as my qualifications: I am a Lay Minister ordained by Trinity Evangelical Christian Ministries. I have no formal seminary training, but studied under the guidance of a local Pastor. My grandfather, who was also a Lay Minister, would always answer that he had attended the “College of Hard Knocks and Worn Knees” when asked about his ministerial training. I like to think of myself as enrolled in that institution, as well, though I have yet to graduate! I honestly do not know whether or not you would want to quote what I have written; there are certainly a great deal of people out there with a lot more impressive credentials. Whether or not I can be considered a “credible source”, I can only say that I invite every one of my readers to determine for themselves if what I have written is credible or not. Does it agree with what the Bible says? Does it agree with what God has spoken to their own heart?

      I have done what God has called me to do by writing these posts and sharing what God has shown me. If what I have written helps someone in their walk with God, or if it helps to lead them closer to Christ; then I rejoice in that. I hope that I have given you enough information about myself to answer your concerns. It really is my hope that people will come to know more about Jesus through what I write, not me. I can think of no greater measure of success than that.

      Thanks again for visiting and sharing your thoughts, I hope you come back again. May our Lord richly bless you.

      In Christ,


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  4. Loren
    May our Lord richly bless you!
    Your writing is Great. Very helpful and I will recommend it to others (already have)
    Keep up the good work Sister!


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I appreciate your recommendation of this website to others, I hope it will bless them.

      In Christ,


      (P.S. – I probably should put maybe a little more detail about myself on this page. I am a man, but I know my name throws a lot of people off! Thanks again for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. God bless you.)


  5. Hi Loren,

    I’ve just taken a few peeks and poked around a bit. Nice!

    Thanks for your in-depth analyses. There is so much to read and digest. I will be coming back (over and over again)!!



  6. Hi Loren — You have a great web site here. I appreciate your thorough and Bible-based posts. It turns out I started AnswersFromTheBook.com (a dot-COM web site, not dot-ORG) and, of course, came to your site when doing a Google search. Let’s compare notes from time to time. My dot-COM site uses a Q&A format instead of your blog format. My partner Steve and I just published an article on abortion. I’d love to get your comments and critique. It is not your normal abortion article. — In Him, Paul Richards


    1. Hi Paul, thanks for stopping by!

      First of all, let me just congratulate you on your excellent choice of domain name 🙂 It’s actually kind of funny, when I first began this website, I intended to make it a sort of “apologetics” style format where each post would answer a common Bible question or controversial topic from Scripture. Obviously, it has taken a different direction and now the name is perhaps a little less accurate! Oh well, I still believe that the answers to all of life’s questions and dillemas can be found in “the Book”, so maybe the title is still appropriate after all.

      Your site sounds great and I would love to spend some time looking at a little later today when I am not so busy. I look forward to reading what you and Steve have written!

      (P.S. – I am going to highlight the name of your website in your comment into a hyperlink to your homepage so people reading these comments can visit it)



  7. Wish the about section was also more about Loren. Who are you? Where do we find more info about you? I know this isn’t about you, but it would be nice to build that relationship, even if it’s social media. Maybe, its here and I’m just not seeing it.


  8. Hi Loren, Thank you for your in-depth teaching of God’s Word. A query please, I did a search on your page for “TRINITY” to see if you had written any articles related to it, and the response that came up was: – The Baptism Of Jesus (Mark 1)

    We come now to the Baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ by John The Baptist. Let us first consider that wonderful phrase from Mark 1:9, “In those days Jesus came…” What an awesome glimpse into the everlasting grace of God so few words contain! There are those who believe that Messiah has yet to come […]
    July 17, 2014

    Have you done any studies on the Trinity? Many thanks.


    1. Hi Shelly,

      I have not done any specific studies on the Trinity. Most of my posts are expository based on a specific passage of verses and I haven’t come yet in my journey through the Bible to any of the big Trinity passages. This post on Genesis 1:26 briefly discusses the Trinity. That post and the one you mentioned are just about the only two that I have written (yet!) which talk about the Trinity.

      I have often considered doing a study on the Bible passages which demonstrate the Divinity of Jesus and the Triune nature of God. Hopefully, Lord willing, I will put that together at some point soon.

      Thanks for reading this and taking the time to contact me!



  9. Hi Loren, thank you for your response, we have just finished putting a new course together on Email Bible Lesson about the trinity, you welcome to look through it any time or any of our others course that might interest you. They are all 100% bible based and 100% free of charge, all you need is internet connectivity 🙂


  10. Thank you very much for the time, thought and prayer that you put into this site. It has aided me in my study of God’s word. It gives me comfort to know that someone else is asking some of the same questions I have when I finish reading a passage.
    I know a lot of work goes into what you do here. Know that the exponential impact you are making is greater than you’ll ever see this side of eternity. You will reap what you continue to sow. God Bless!


  11. Why did God leave the earth in sin and wait until Jesus cleansed it? If you look at it, the world was drenched in sin and (not literally) technically under the devils control because there was nothing to cleanse the people from sin before Christ. It almost seems as if God let the devil have time to do his dirty work which I don’t understand. Yes God sent prophets to the people, but it wasn’t enough to spread around the world and give them slavation.


  12. I just read your post about those not hearing the Gospel or the Word of God, whether or not they’ll be saved. I’ve wondered about this but I felt that all along God has sent man to teach the One True Living God to all men since the beginning of time. Why do you think the gift of “tongues” was given to the people on the Day of Pentacost? Back then they didn’t have television, phones, things like that. Internet? Who would have ever thought that? I feel that the Gospel has pretty much been shared with the world. I don’t know what God will do with those who have not heard but I know God has a plan for them and whatever it is will be right, merciful, righteous and just.

    My question is about children who die before hearing the Gospel. Children are a special group. An unborn aborted child, and small children do not grasp right from wrong. King David said to the people after the death of his son that he no longer grieved because he knew that his son wouldn’t return to him but that he would go to the child. This is pretty telling about how God feels about children. Christ Jesus even says that if anyone should cause harm or cause one of them to sin, talking about the little ones who love Him so much that it would be better if a millstone were tied around his neck and thrown into the depth of the ocean. From my earliest childhood rememberance there has not been a day in my life that I have not believed and loved Christ Jesus, regardless of how I lived my life. Ultimately, I finally surrendered all to Him. So what about children who die? Children that young, that have learned all about Christ Jesus and love Him cannot possibly make a mature decision until at least 12 or older. I wasn’t allowed to get “saved” in my church or make that decision outwardly until I was 12. At age 8 or 9, only the grace of God saved me…literally….from being killed in a car accident. There is no way I or the other girl with me could have lived and I had to force her to move because she didn’t want to leave that spot. Not 3 seconds after we moved, our car was hit as it was parked by a drunk driver and pushed into the doorway of the store where we were skating. It was only as large as our car. I remember taking her hand and pulling her away. I KNOW it was the Holy Spirit that made me do this as I didn’t want to leave the area either. I have wondered what would have happened to me if I’d been killed that day. My cousin died at 7, she loved Jesus, but she couldn’t make that decision. Do all aborted or killed children go to hell?

    I know it’s up to each one of us who to follow. It’s our duty to spread the Gospel. It’s vital and our very important job as a Christian. Social media is a great tool but it’s not the only tool in the box either. Also, if we do lead someone to Him, is it not also our job to remain with them to help guide them as it is so easy to veer off the track unless you have a personal relationship with a more mature “child” in Christ Jesus? Jesus talks about children a lot. They’re very special to Him. I can’t believe that every aborted fetus would have ultimately rejected Christ. God knows all but isn’t there a special relationship with Him and children? I know plenty of kids who loved Jesus but ultimately walked away from their faith, or claims to. So please, what happens to children and aborted babies? Shouldn’t we also take “I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion” and “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy as hope for these little ones? I can understand adults but should we tell a grieving mother/father that their child is now in hell?

    I do not want to teach false things but nor do I want to lie or cause even more pain on a parent and perhaps make them walk away from their faith? The Bible doesn’t say anything on the subject except what I said earlier about David. He had such a special and close relationship to God and he also knew Christ although he didn’t KNOW it so if anyone in the Bible knows that all children go to Heaven (he would not have knowledge of whether or not his son would grow to believe as one of his son’s did not) so he must have had special knowledge about ALL children who die.

    I am not disputing anything you said, it makes a whole lot of sense as far as adults are concerned but the issue of children wasn’t raised. I would love to know the truth on this issue. We’re all born with faith in God. The Bible says that. They are innocent except for the stain of original sin as they don’t truly know sin. Also, what about children who are raped (forced to sin) and then killed? Biblically, are there any scriptures that tell about this? I do trust and believe that God and Christ Jesus will be merciful, just, and righteous in this matter. I’ve heard many Christians say that aborted or stillborn/miscarried babies’ spirits go into another baby. Sounds too much like reincarnation to me and I do NOT ever intentionally intermingle different religions with false gods.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me with this question.


    PS – You can email me off public at WorthyistheLamb737@yahoo.com if you prefer not to answer this very painful and difficult question to the public. Many might not be able to handle this question but it won’t have any reason to personally upset me. Thank you.


    1. Thanks, Brenda, for reading this and taking the time to share your thoughts.

      I didn’t bring up the topic of children and infants in this post because I was focused more on the fate of those of a mature age who happened to be born in a time and place where they were never exposed to the Gospel Message. I think you’re right; it now seems less and less likely in our modern age of the Internet and sophisticated methods of electronic communication that there are very many people in the world who are completely unaware of the Gospel. Nevertheless, there have been millions of people throughout history who lived and died completely ignorant of the doctrines of Christianity. Before the era of missionaries, most of Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia would have been populated by people who likely had never heard the name of Jesus. This has long been a point of contention among many skeptics who use this fact as an affront to the fairness and justice of God as well as many Christians who honestly struggle to understand how God will ultimately deal with such individuals. For the sake of simplicity, I really only had full-grown adults in mind when I wrote this.

      As for children who die before reaching an “age of accountability”, I will give you my thoughts. First of all, the illustration from the life of David where his baby son dies because of David’s sin with Bathsheba is, I think, very good Biblical support that God does not condemn young children to Hell. You mentioned this passage and are obviously familiar with it so I won’t go into a lot of detail. David comforted himself with the notion that he would see the child again in Heaven when he said, “I will go to him, but he will not return to me.” (2 Samuel 12:23).

      You mentioned Jesus’ words about children and I believe this is also evidence which supports the idea that children who die before being able to exercise faith in Him will spend eternity in Heaven. In Matthew 18:10, Jesus mentions that the “angels” of the children are in Heaven, continually before the face of God. Some interpret this verse to teach that children have a “guardian angel” who intercedes on their behalf before God, and that may be true. But another possible interpretation of this verse is to say that the “spirits” of the “little ones” are in Heaven with God. In other words, little children who die go immediately into the presence of God in Heaven. This would seem to make more sense, especially when we consider the words “For the Son of Man has come to save that which was lost” with which the Lord concludes this thought.

      As far as an “age of accountability”, the Bible never really gives a number for this. Traditionally, many of our denominations have suggested 12 or 13 since this is the Jewish age of “adulthood.” Even so, in some passages it seems that the Jewish notion of full maturity was twenty years old (see Exodus 30:12-14 and Numbers 1:3 for example). And when God judges the people for their sins in the desert, He says that all who are 20 and older will not enter the promised land (Numbers 14:29-30, 32:11). It appears that God was only holding accountable those 20 years or older.

      Personally, I don’t think that there is a specific age where God holds all young people accountable when it comes to Salvation. I would think it varies from person to person. Some 12-year-olds are more mature than some 20-year-olds. In the Bible, God tends to hold people accountable based on the light that they have received. I would think that it would also follow that we are judged based on our capacity to understand the light that He gives us. Some of what you said also brings up the question of what we sometimes consider measuring sticks of whether or not a person is “saved”. You said your cousin died at 7. She couldn’t make a “decision” but she loved Jesus. I assume you are referring to making a response to an altar call, or coming before a church group and announcing a decision to follow Christ. But does God really require us to follow a certain method in order to be really saved? Same with your own case: you weren’t permitted to make a public declaration of faith until age 12. I understand that many churches do this to ensure that decisions are not made spuriously and without sincerity, but do you really feel like if you had died before age 12 you would have been lost? God knows our hearts and knows when we love and trust Him, regardless of our age. My own case was similar. I didn’t actually respond to an altar call until age 9, but I feel like I knew Jesus long before that.

      I recognize that much of this is Scriptural “gray area” and that there are many who teach that even children who die without coming to Christ are eternally lost. But I don’t believe that this fits in with what we know about how the Lord feels toward children and what the Bible does say about the matter. Ultimately, I know that God will deal fairly with all people. Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts. May the Lord richly bless you in the study of His Word,



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